Alabama 14, Arkansas 13

Well, what do you say about a game that you tried to give away in just about every way imaginable and the other guys just wouldn’t take it? Except maybe, “Hey, thanks guys!” This was a game that should have been a loss. The Tide played about as badly as a team can play – fumbles (again), dumb penalties (again!), and missed assignments along with another missed field goal (AGAIN!). Really, watching this game makes you wonder how in the world did Arkansas lose!

It wasn’t easy. They had to fumble on the half-yard line into (and out of) the endzone, drop three Blake Sims’ passes that hit the defenders squarely in the chest, muff a chip shot field goal, and fumble themselves. Seriously. The Hawgs had to work hard to lose this one. And they did.

Aside from J. K. Scott, there is almost nothing to be encouraged about when it comes to the play of this team. Offensive line? painfully inept. Defensive backfield and linebackers? Two words, guys, “crossing patterns.” Quarterback? How bad must Jake Coker be not to get an opportunity to play in this game? We hate to keep harping on this, but really, anybody who thinks that Blake Sims is enough to win a championship is on drugs and doesn’t care.

But more seriously, Arkansas just showed the rest of the league how to beat us. Stack the box, stop the run, and force Blake Sims to win the game with his arm.

It’s amazing that the Tide was able to score two touchdowns given the abismal play of the offensive line and the qb. The offense gained barely over 200 yards (66 rushing). Blake Sims looked completely befuddled the entire game. Amari Cooper did what he could but when the guy who throws the ball is constantly throwing it over your head or behind you, there’s not a lot you can do.

So, anyway, thanks Pigs. We appreciate your kindness and generosity in allowing us to stay in the Western division race but, wow – how thankful are y’all that we didn’t play Miss. St. or Ole Miss or Auburn or Georgia or LSU or just about anybody but Vandy this past Saturday? With Texas A&M coming to T-town this week, there’s a LOT of work to do. The A&Mers have their own problems, but honestly, if the Tide can’t find a way to make some significant improvements this week – they could easily lose this game.

But in the end, a win is a win and it’s always better than losing – even when it looked like that. Nothing to do but try to get better and get another win this Saturday. And it’d be awful nice to look like a real football team. Whaddaya say guys? Sound good? Good.

One “must win” down, six to go.



SEC predictions, week #7

Ouch. Just ouch. We almost had a great week and would have if Alabama could hold on to the ball and kick field goals and if the Tangerines could hold a lead. But no, they couldn’t and the result was a 4-2 record for the week, bringing our season total to 49-8 – well below expectations (when you have expectations as high as ours). But, y’all know know what Momma used to say, right? “If you don’t go, you can’t come back!” Dang right! [Actually, we're not quite sure how that saying of Momma's applies to this situation but we're trusting our expert instincts – so y'all meditate on it anyway.] It does kinda get us ready for this new week when the Fan goes BOLD on you – and we do mean bold. Buckle yore seat belt boys, we’ve gotchoo some real edge-of-the-cliff prognostications for this Saturday.

Louisiana-Monroe at Kentucky: Well, we’ll get bold in a minute, but let’s brag on the Mildcats first. We had a feeling they’d make the Visor get thrown a few times last week and we was R-I-G-H-T. The K-Cats are lobbying for a nickname upgrade and they just might get one before the season’s over. Do y’all realize that they have an outside chance at getting 7 wins this season? It’s true. And they’ll get win #5 this Saturday against the Warhawks (who play more like doves). Mildcats get the “W” and demand respect! (or make that RESPECT ™)

Georgia at Missouri: Ok, now see if you can follow this: The G-Dawgs have the inside track to the SEC LEast title. They just had an easy win over the Commydoors (sorry, calling a win over the Doors “easy” is redundant and we apologize). But this game is gonna be played in Columbia. Mizzou’s only loss has come against 98-pound weakling Indiana (for which they still should be ashamed) – but a victory against the Dawgs puts them in the driver’s seat for the SEC LEast title. Georgia hasn’t played up to their billing all year. Mizzou has given cause to make all their opponents overconfident. But this week, they come to life. The M-Tigs will win this game, the d-line will make the difference, and you will say, “well whaddaya know?” or something similar.

Auburn at Mississippi State: Dang State! 5 and oh? In October?? Number 3?? In the countree???? And now y’all get the #2 Barners to come to Starkvegas and play in the Cowbell Palace??? Dang! But, guess what? There’s only one team playing better than y’all. And it’s the team that’s coming to town Saturday. And, sorry, but they’re gonna win this one. And all the cowbell girls and cowbell boys are gonna be disappointed. And the rest of us are gonna say, “Yep, that’s the Miss St. we know and love.” It should be a good one, but the vibe here at Fan HQ is, y’all lose. But still . . . dang State!

Chattanooga at Tennessee: The UT Tangerines were begging to be raised back to the level of “the Little Oranges” and, if they had beaten the Gators, we were all ready to give serious consideration to it. But at the last minute, they fell and fall one more level down the nickname ladder as well. They are now officially the “Clementines” and perilously close to falling to the “Candy Orange Slice” category. Which will happen before the sun goes down if they lose this one. But, let’s note (and we do it dutifully) that the Mocs come into this one rolling – having won their last three in a row. But their “winning streak” will this Saturday in K-ville. The Clementines win.

LSU at Florida: Let’s call this one “The Battle of the Used-to-Bees” since both these teams have stunk up the field so far this season. The Reptiles can thank the back judge for ignoring the fact that the play clock ran out before each of their  game-winning plays over Kentucky and the Clementines. The Bayou Tigs can’t blame anybody for their horrific losses to M-St. and Awbarn. Both teams have BIG problems. The Gator offense has been about as offensive as you can be so far. And as for LSU – well, aside from their offense, defense, and special teams, they’ve played pretty well. But this Saturday, The Hat makes his comeback. It’s time for one of those wins that continue to save his job each year and continue to make LSU fans believe that he’s the right man for the job (God bless em!). LSU wins and Will Muschamp starts getting bids from moving companies.

Charleston Southern at Vanderbilt: And speaking of *big games* (sarcasm alert) Vandy may have found another team it can beat. Though, let’s be fair and give credit to the CS Buccaneers who come into this game undefeated (but sadly,  unranked, in spite of the fact that they demolished Point University 61-9! True. We don’t know anything about “Point University” other than they obviously have a terrible football team, but PU must be one of those online Universities – sorta the Southern equivalent of the University of Phoenix). Anyway, Vandy needs a win worse than Mel Gibson needs a good PR guy. And, for now, beating Charleston Southern will have to do.

Ole Miss at Texas A&M: Well the Ole Missuses had such a case of the vapors last Saturday evening they missed Miss Videlia Trimble-Marsh’s niece’s cotillion ball. The “biggest win in 30 years” will do that to you. The Rebel Black Bears are feeling goooooooood. Ranked #3. Undefeated. In other words, this Saturday is the perfect time to play this team. And the TA&Mers get the privilege of doing so. And, they’ll take advantage of it. K-Hill will get his game back, the A&M offense will play their best game of the season – and the “Big Game Hangover” will put a half-Nelson on the Old Ladies from Oxford. A&Mers win.

Alabama at Arkansas: Not the Big Game of the Day ™ but still a big game for both these teams. With their loss to the Rebel Black Bears, the Tide has put itself in “Must-Win” City for the rest of the season. The Hawgs are much improved as “Big Grace” Bielema gets them familiar with his system. They opened with a tough loss in Awbarn and then lost a game they shouldn’t have to the A&Mers, so they’re better than their record indicates. But the Tide is in must win mode (at least, they better be!) and we think they’ll be able to hang on to win this one in Fayetteville. Eat more Pork!

Were we exaggerating? Was that bold or what? What you’ve just witnessed is boldness on a Katy Perry level. Bold. I’m saying. But confident. We might be wrong, but don’t call us timid. It’s gonna be another fun Saturday, so we hope y’all all have a good time. Remember, don’t play “chicken” with motorcycles and stay away from sushi. Getchoo some ribs or some chicken and see if you can’t grill up something fit to eat. Enjoy and be thankful. It could always be worse. You could have grown up a Vandy fan.


Murder sunshine in the face

Well, after last weekend bloody losses by the supposedly elite teams in college football, you knew we’d have some Hall of Fame meltdowns, right? Oregon, Tex A&M, Okie boys, and, of course Bama’s famous Meltdown Kings. This is painful, but the rest of y’all have earned the right to laugh. Loudly.

Ooooh, but it did feel good to see the Ducks get ambushed by the Wildcats last Thursday night, didn’t it? And about time. But too soon for the Duck fans who still think they deserve a shot at the Nat. Championship. HAHAHAHAHAHA


“Who is our open-field tackling coach?”


“Even Colorado would give us a run for our money at this point”



“The End of and Era. Adjust your expectations accordingly…”

“Between our offensive line, Jesse Palmer and this Nissan commercial returning, I might be on the news tomorrow morning.”

“Now will everyone who isn’t in the coolest time-zone please go to sleep so we can circlejerk each other’s persecution complexes in peace?”

“Michael J. Fox could draw up a better game plan with an etch-a-sketch.”


“My heart feels like a black hole filled with hellfire”

“I’m going to try to sleep and hope I don’t have to work, then when I get off I’m going tebowing (lift weights and cry about nothing loving me)”

“I hate everything and football is stupid.”

After all the blow-hard noise coming out of Norman for the past half-year, it’s nice to hear nothing but griping and sobbing by Oklahoma fans over getting taken down by Frogs.

“It’s one of the few things we can all count on. Bills, taxes and OU pissing away another National title season. Year after year, after year, after year, after year, after year.”

“We are the Chicago Cubs of College Football. “

“I hate the truth. And facts.”

“I picked the wrong time to quit drugs and drinking and bungee jumping without a bungee.”

“OU is playing like far less attractive Rob Lowe.”

“My dog is about to take a beating”

“Heupel is a mental midget and Stoops is an enabler.”

“My rum and coke suddenly tastes like sadness and wasted life.”

“Anyone ever drink 409 before? I will let you know how it goes.”

The A&Mers had such high hopes for this season. But that’s the problem with “high hopes” – they give you a long way to fall.

“Another drop. I blame our ugly gay uniforms”

“Don’t know what you can do to help our guys find their reproductive organs.”

“Seals Jones is slow, and has alligator arms.”

“Winning dos not matter.. All about swag uniforms.”

“Will Sumlin be taking the Swaggcopter home?”

“I haven’t played since 8th grade and will need to re-enroll, but I think I can catch the ball when thrown to me.”

“Don’t have to worry about Ebola…
No one on our team will be able to catch it”

“Every time we debut a new uniform that I like, we lose like b1tches. Dress out in clown suits next time…at least then we are dressing for the job.”

“i’m gonna go play clash of clans and beat up on some 7 year olds.”

“I think I’ve finally reached the 5th stage of grieving and loss. I can now lol at how bad we suck!!!”

“These cow bells are going to make me kill someone….or myself….”

“Where is my Vomit cup………”

“Is it wrong of me to just be trying to think of something clever for our inevitable inclusion in the meltdown thread?”

And lastly, Bama fans are tired of giving teams their “greatest victory” in a generation, but losing to the Ole Missuses was a bit too much:

“Guess it’s time to jump on that soccer bandwagon I’ve heard so much about”


“When did we become Clemson?”

“Katy Perry just got a lot less hot.”

“NOOOOO!!!! Why can’t I have nice things?! Who’s got the whiskey? This is gonna be a long night.”

“Seriously, get some grass or get out of the SEC. totally uncalled for considering all the money Bama et al. bring in for your poor Mississippi asses”

“I’m going to eat Red Lobster shrimp until I puke”

Alabama 17, Ole Miss 23

Well, you could almost feel this one coming couldn’t you? The Florida game (and really, all the previous games) have left us with the feeling that this team was just a tad undisciplined, just a little too careless with ball security — there were a few too many missed assignments, a few too many missed tackles — to beat a really solid team. You can beat a Florida (and maybe any other Eastern division team) but you’re not getting away with that against the SEC West. Not this year.

And that’s basically what we saw on Saturday. Ole Miss is a solid team. Very good overall defense. Excellent defensive backfield. Good linebackers. And with Bo Wallace having his best game of the year, the Tide had to play mistake-free, solid, disciplined football to win. They didn’t and they lost.

Dropped passes at critical points, missed tackles, some missed assignments, all hurt — but nothing hurt as badly as the penalties and of course, the turnovers. Penalties killed drives (especially painful on the last drive of the game when Bama had one last chance to win the game). And, let’s not talk about Christian Jones’ fumble on the kick return that gave Old Mississippi the opportunity to go 20 yards for the winning TD.

Painful. Too painful.

But what’s just as worrisome is Adam Griffith’s continued struggles on field goal attempts (missing 2 more in this game — could we have used that extra 6 points? Shut yo’ mouth!) and on kick offs (what’s happening there?). Special teams? We don’t know the meaning of the term yet. [Ok, let's not forget the one bright spot so far -- J. K. Scott, who's booming punts have given the Tide a lot of breathing room this year.] But aside from Scott, things are pretty bad (the Tide is 103rd in kick off return defense — please pass the Tylenol).

Can’t really blame the loss on Blake Sims — but he still doesn’t inspire confidence when it comes down to the last possession, on the road, in a loud, hostile environment, when you’re behind. Not yet. Bad passes and bad decisions, are still happening. Maybe he’ll grow from this experience. Maybe. But he’s not there yet.

And we’ll not talk any more about injuries. But, ugh. Wow. Awful. Poor Kenyon. Poor us.

But, let’s put aside these specific concerns for the moment. Here’s the reality: this team as a whole is not playing at a championship level — and, in spite of the excitement after the Florida game — it still hasn’t played a complete game of solid championship football. They haven’t come close to looking like Awbarn looked Saturday night against LSU. This loss doesn’t end the season, but it sure doesn’t make things any easier. There’s no margin for error from here on.

And that starts next week in Fayetteville. Another performance like we had on Saturday will mean the destruction of two more goal posts and another team celebrating the “biggest win” they’ve had in 20 years — but what will be worse is that we’ll almost certainly join LSU in waving bye-bye to the playoffs. This team has the talent to win it all. But can they? Can they pull everything together for the kind of finish it’s going to take to do it?

If they can, then they need to start next Saturday.

It’s going to be tough. But we like it tough.


SEC predictions, week #6

Well, if we don’t learn never to trust Steve Spurrier, we need to be kicked. Once again, we fell into the foolish notion that the Ole Ball Coach could actually coach. Yes, we hear your giggles. Fools and blind! you say. Ok. We’ll accept the ridicule and use it for fuel. The embarrassing loss by the Gamechicks gave us a 6-1 record for the week bringing our record for the year to 45-6. But this Saturday, boyz, the SEC gets down to bidness. This is a huge weekend for everybody in the conference – we’ll call it “Let’s Find Out Who We Really Are” Saturday. Big games are popping up all over the place!

Vanderbilt at Georgia: Well, ok, big games are everywhere except Athens where the Dawgs take on the hapless Commydoors with their anchors down. Vandy’s only win of the year is over the Massachusetts Minutemen (which means that we will learn nothing about Vandy this weekend except that they are still Vandy). The G-Dawgs are coming off that huge win over the Tangerines last week and will continue their chase for the SEC LEast crown. Dawgs win.

Florida at Tennessee: This is a big game for the Reptiles and Will Muschamp. If they lose, they may not win again until November and Gainesville will react like a rabid feminist being introduced to Hugh Hefner. And you don’t want to witness that. Can they beat the Tangerines? In Knoxville? Yes. Will they? No. Tangerines win and Fan HQ gets flooded with texts, tweets, emails, and facebook messages calling for UT to be restored back to Little Orange status.

Texas A&M at Mississippi State: Starkvegas is absolutely wild with cowbell fever. The win in Red Stick a couple of weeks back has got Cow City gasping for H2O, they’re so excited. And boys and girls, they have reason to be excited. They actually have a real football team! Are they good enough to beat the A&Mers? If they can stop the pass . . . yes. And we think they will do just enough to win Saturday night at Scott Field. And that means that they will welcome Awbarn next week as the undefeated Bullies – and everbody’ll want some of whatever it is the Cowbell Gang is ordering down at the Little Dooey Cafe.

LSU at Auburn: LSU fans are wondering if The Les is thinking about going to Michigan after Brady Hoke is directed to leave the building. Answer: No. He’s not. But y’all are prolly going to want him to go after this Saturday. The Tiggers are starting a true freshman at qb and usually, that’s not a really good thing when you’re thinking about playing on the road in the SEC. Awbarn may not be the best team in the country, but they’re a far sight better than New Mexico State (but seriously, who isn’t? Even the Commydoors – with their anchors down – could beat NM St.). We’ve got a feeling about this game. And it ain’t a good one for the Purple and Gold. Awbarn wins and hands the Tigurs their second SEC West loss.

South Carolina at Kentucky: Ok, we’ve learn our lesson. The only place the Visor is judged to be a great coach is in his own mind. He has a proven inability to get his team prepared for a real game. This is not a real game, so he may actually have them ready to play. But we are done with trusting Steve Spurrier to do anything consistently (except boast) and that means that the Mildcats are going to send the GameChicks to a new low for the season. They almost lost to Vandy earlier this year – and the Mildcats are better than Vandy (there’s a backhanded compliment for you!). Mildcats win and everybody wonders why we thought South Carolina had a chance to win the SEC LEast.

Alabama at Ole Miss: Now, we finally get to The Big Game ™ of the day, the Ole Ladies of Oxford hosting the Crimson Tide – and it should be a good one. Ole Miss may have the better defense (certainly they have the best d-line). They are quick, they run the spread, and have good wide-outs. The Champs have had trouble in the defensive backfield all year. The D-line has looked terribly soft at times. The offense has sputtered some – turnovers have been a huge problem. The Missuses have the home field advantage (and that could be a big factor in this game). If Alabama turns the ball over and falls behind by a couple of scores early – it’s going to be long afternoon, and quite possibly a very sad one for the Tide. But we’re thinking they’re going to be able to stop the Old Miss offense more than the Rebel defense can stop the Tide offense. Should be close, but the Tide wins and continues its march to the Playoffs.

Do we have a weekend awaiting us or what?? Son! This is gonna be fine! You gonna need to pull out those high-quality hot dogs this Saturday ain’t you ? (you know, the ones that cost a lot more than the Wal-Mart brand and have “Franks” on the label). Yessir, be sure you get the grass cut early cause you ain’t gonna want to miss anything this week. And it’s weeks like this that the Fan pays for itself don’t it? Y’all have some fun and we hope your team wins unless you call Oxford home. Enjoy and be specially thankful that you ain’t Brady Hoke.



Ok, just let me die

Meltdowns this week come from the frustrated Gamechick fans who have to listen to Coach Visor’s bragging and shaming every week – and from Michigan fans who have to watch the Wolveretes prance about on Saturdays with a coach who doesn’t know that when your quarterback can’t find the sidelines, he’s probably not well. Whoo-boy! but no matter what we might say in sympathy, this is fun – and funneeeey!

Pity the poor USC (east) fans who started the season with such high hopes and now have nothing to look forward to except the season ending quickly. Ooh it hurts.

“Senility is upon us”

“We are on a down hill slide that will not stop for years. This is Brad Scott Bad. And Thompson sucks, he runs like my Granny!”


“This team will not make a bowl game.”

“I have to leave my house because if I don’t then either my TV or computer will be smashed.”

“Everyone is an asshole right now”

“If I was a student I would tie Dylan Thompson’s shoelaces together Monday in class”

“Dylan couldn’t hit sand if he fell off a camel.”

“So, where can I buy my tickets to the Independence Bowl?”

“Even Jesus would have questioned the wildcat”

“All facts. Our tight ends can’t catch a cold, our qb can’t hit the ocean with a pebble from 2 inches away, our defense is a JOKE, and our coaches all have alzheimers when it’s gameday.”

“We had nachos before the Texas A&M game. We had nachos tonight. No more nachos on game day.”

“There is not enough fireball in the world to get me through this.”

“I swear to god if they say “unranked Missouri” again I’m gonna go on a mass murder spree.”

“Question: is believing that this isn’t a good football team still considered to be the “Old Carolina” mentality, or is it just, ya know, realistic?”

It’s getting to be time to say “bye-bye” to Coach Brady Hoax Hoke. Early retirement is on the horizon and it can’t come soon enough for some of the Big Blue fans:


1) Offer Minnesota a friendly quit and watch FSU/NCST
2) Clone De’Veon Smith
3) Tie all the coaches to a pole and see if the team does better with no coaches
4) Just Fire Hoke and Brandon and get it over with”


“nervously puts acid tabs in mouth”

“I’ve gone from hopeful Hoke is fired tonight, to I will be angry if he is not fired tonight.”

“As if I needed more of a reason to hate Hoke.”

“Attention shoppers, there’s a cripple fight in the parking lot”

“I dub this game the Ineptitude Bowl brought to you by McPizza”

“Hi, my name is Kevin, and I’ve been watching bad football for about eight years…I didn’t even realize I had a problem until just recently! I kept thinking things would get better, but…”

“Sparty is going to lay a beating on us like we have never seen before. I will not be near the tv or computer or cellphone that entire day. I may find a dark room and sit in the corner until Sunday.”

“Hoke is the heartbeat of the team.” He must be due for a quadruple bypass”

“I don’t know if Jesus could save us right now…”

“Why does it look like the ball is deflated every time we punt?”

“Brady clapping and giving life lessons after the pick six instead of getting fired up for once…Just resign already… Or better yet, fire yourself.”

“Why have we become Indiana?”

“What now? Any suggestions other than drinking heroically?”

“Hoke is Jon Voight at the end of Varsity Blues”

“I know there’s no team bus but don’t let Hoke even eat at the buffet after the game”

“I would copy every move Hoke is doing if I wanted to get fired. Every. Move.”

“We’ve reached the point where continuing to call this a clown show would just be insulting to clowns.”

“We are a national joke.”

SEC predictions, week #5

Well, thank you to the Bullies for making everybody at Fan HQ look like we were living in Colorado taking advantage of the local liberties last week. And thanks also to the Mizzou Tigretes for causing embarrassment to the entire conference by losing to the Indiana Hoosiers (it really took an unimaginable effort to make Indiana look like a real football team – way to go guys). Because of our misplaced confidence in the Lesters and the Lady Tigers, we had a pedestrian 6-2 record last week. This brought the season record to 39-5 – yes, we’re sharing in the embarrassment. But as good ole Jungle Bob used to say, “If at first you don’t succeed, keep on sucking till you do succeed!” And we take that to heart. So, we’re about to get serious. Hang on now. Here are the games for this week:

Vanderbilt at Kentucky: Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Ok, we’ll get serious in a moment. The schedule-makers are playing a trick on us aren’t they? Are they really going to play this game? Ok, fine. Next question: Does anybody care who wins this game? Answer: No. But, it’s our job to let you know who is going to win every SEC game and we’re nothing if we’re not faithful to the task assigned to us, so unfortunately that means we have to predict winners for games like this: the Anchor Downers vs. the Blue Grass Miracles. We take the Big Blue to win in a couple of overtimes. Or maybe, just win right out. But, you know what? Deciding whether you have French Toast or waffles for breakfast is more important than this game.

Louisiana Tech at Auburn: Well now, here’s an interesting game, if you happen to think blowouts are interesting. We don’t. The Techsters roll into the Plains fresh off a loss to Northwestern State (yes, the NSU demons of the Southland Conference, who have losses to Missouri State and Baylor 70-6). The Wargles could play with one arm and still win this game by four touchdowns. Wake me when it’s over.

Tennessee at Georgia: This may be one of the better games of the day. The Tangerines are seeking to climb back into Little Orange status and they’ll get it if they can beat Mark Richt’s boys in Athens. The G-Dawgs took last week off so they should be all set and raring to go. Did we say this one’s in Athens? Yes? Ok, that means the Dawgs will take home the W – and the Tangerines continue to be the Tangerines for another week.

Arkansas at Texas A&M: Here’s the marquee game of the day (since the Tide ain’t playing, you have to take what you can get). It certainly seems to be the most evenly matched game. The Pigs (whoooooooooo-souie!) go down to Texas for a shootout that they hope don’t turn into a barbeque. So what’ll it be? The Pigs biggest win so far was over T-Tech (who’s “biggest” win was over [cough] UTEP). If that’s the best you got guys, it ain’t good enough for us. We’re going with the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical team.

Memphis at Ole Miss: The Ole Misses got the week off last week and so they got to see how you do it watching the Bullies in prime time. The Old Ladies from Oxford ain’t played anybody all year. And after this Saturday, they still won’t have played anybody (that’ll wait till next week). The Old Misses win and get ready to welcome the Tide to Undfeated Land next week.

Missouri at South Carolina: Mizzou takes the “most embarrassing loss” award for their defeat at the hands of the Indiana (B1G Ten) Hoosiers last Saturday. Another loss like that and we’re putting out petitions to demand their ouster from the conference. This week they will bounce back by getting a much more respectable loss. The Game Chickens win.

New Mexico State at LSU: Another home game for LSU and if you want tickets, go and get em – there are plenty available. After being taken to the whipping shack last week, the Tigurs are looking to make someone pay. And they’re willing to pay handsomely for the opportunity. So welcome to Red Stick Aggies! Enjoy your check, getchoo some good Cajun cooking and maybe y’all can go down to New Orleans and get a beignet at Cafe’ du Mon. Whatever. But you need to do something to make the trip memorable because the game is going to be forgettable.

Ok, boys, we know it’s thrilling to have the opportunity to peer into the near future through our eyes – and it’s our pleasure to give you that opportunity! Y’all have fun and thank the Lord you ain’t Florida fans or Will Muschamp.